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Courtney BrazleyHi everybody,  thank you so much for visiting the site, my name is Courtney.  I’d like to welcome you to the site and tell you a little bit about me.  I’m a full time Internet Marketer, Web Developer and Author.  I build web sites for myself, and clients, and market the sites through various techniques; many of these techniques are outlined within my WordPress Training Video course.

Until recently,  I have marketed products and services online primarily as an Affiliate Marketer; meaning, I sell other peoples products.

Affiliate marketing is widespread online, and is the most common gateway for people to enter the world of online marketing and making money on the internet.  I’ve been doing it full time now for about two years.

I didn’t know the first thing about web development or internet marketing when I first got started and there have been many hurdles and learning curves to overcome.  But I have to say it’s been a blast.

When I first got started the overwhelm and frustration of this business rushed in quickly.  I’m not one to quickly retreat and my resolve to “Figure It Out” was solid. Two timely encounters with some special people helped me turn it all around.

Paying It Forward

My interest in computers and technology spans quite some years back and I wanted to dive deeper and start online marketing.  My enthusiasm was high but my understanding of internet marketing was minimal-actually it was non-existent.  My eagerness and hopes of making fast money online was quickly thwarted when I realized it wasn’t as fast and easy as I’d been lead to believe.  The first three or four months were gut wrenching and frustrating; and my wife thought I was crazy. Then I met the coolest guy……

I ran across a website by an awesome marketer online named Steve Gray.   I liked his style so I reached out to him in an email and asked for his advice and help.  He took a look at what I was doing and decided to help me.  What he shared with me and showed me is another story altogether,  but that was the beginning for me  starting to see success online.

Steve helped me with WordPress and along the way I also discovered Chris Farrell, who runs a top notch internet marketing service.  I started studying his methodology as well and that became the glue which allowed many things to mesh and ultimately come together.

Long story short; I’ve learned a great deal and got a lot of help from others and now I’m paying it forward with this site “Free WordPress Tutorial Videos Online.” I know how hard it is when you’re brand new. I’ve been there and felt the frustration firsthand. That’s why I took great pains to make my videos clear, slow and step by step so that even if you know nothing about WordPress you will be able to follow along easy and understand everything.

Proper Attitude

But there’s more.  I could not have accomplished “anything” if I did not have the proper mindset and attitude.  I’m a big believer in growing and strengthening your personal self, and although things were tough in the beginning I never considered giving up. Learning how to build niche websites using WordPress was challenging and I never would have gotten through it if I’d have thrown in the towel. You must never give up.

After I had gotten my feet wet learning some of the in’s and out’s of online marketing and how to use WordPress, I made a couple of instructional videos and put them on YouTube. I had an “aha” moment when I saw how helpful some of my videos were. People were very grateful and thankful for the help.

I had stumbled across a need which had to be fulfilled. My intention was to help other people solve a problem “I” was having.  Once I figured it out, I decided to share the solution with others; so I made a video on it.  The response has been amazing and I continue receive positive comments and emails of thanks from people who are learning from that first video.

Getting Inspired

This has been part of my inspiration for creating this site.  A way to share information people need.  I wanted to create a site for the average beginner, business owner, and online marketer as well. I decided to build a website on how to use WordPress. A WordPress video training site where I show you how to create and build a complete website using WordPress, which is the best content management software out there.

I took it a step further also by including instruction on SEO, graphic creation/manipulation,  site promotion and more.  I wanted to provide as much information as possible you could learn everything you need to know about building a quality website, optimizing it, and promoting it.  I’m sure you will find something useful here.

Free Is Good

Yes, it feels good when I get a heart felt comment or email of thanks from someone who was struggling with something and found the solution by watching one of my videos.  And, actually took the time to say thank you.  Most of us just take it and go about our business.

That’s all good but let’s be honest, we all wanna get paid, right?

I created a membership “Paid” site for my course and that site is still up and running. What I have discovered over the last year however, is that I can offer my training videos for free and still make the site profitable, so I re-tooled the site and created Free WordPress Training Videos Online.

How You Can Help Keep This Training Free

The training here is totally free and generates revenue from you in the form of donations and advertisements. The biggest thing that helps me maintain the site is when you use my discount coupon code when you get your domain name hosting  from Hostgator. So if you want to give back, just enter my coupon code, courtneywp,  at Hostgator.com when you’re ready to get hosting for your new domain name.

Thanks again for stopping by.  If this website helps you in any way, please leave a comment, share and “like” via Facebook.  I wish you every good thing.

Courtney Brazley


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