Backlink Techniques

backlink techniques using article marketing

Building Backlinks

Backlinks are whats known as incoming, or inbound, links from other websites which point to specific pages or posts on “your” website.  Learn to build backlinks because the search engines use them as an indicator to determine the popularity of your website.  Keep in mind that inbound links are only “one” indicator, among many, that the search engines rely on to judge and rate your website. 

It’s important to have quality and relevant inward links attached to your website, in the form of anchored keyword related text, because it helps your website rise in the search engine results page (SERP).

Notice some of the specifics of what we need to understand here:

1.  Backlinks are an important part of search engine optimization
2.  Search engines use them to judge the importance of your website
3.  Inbound links are only one indicator to rate your pages and posts
4.  They should be relevant and preferably come from related websites
5.  Backlinks should be anchored to keyword related text

There are many schools of thought and philosophies on backlink techniques and how to use them. The more research you do, the more mixed opinions you will find. But there is one consensus everyone can agree on; backlinks work and you must have an SEO strategy to incorporate them as part of your website promotion agenda.

I have used back-linking techniques to help many of my websites rise in the search engines, over time. But the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and rating structure, so what once worked six months ago may not work as well today.

The Google and Panda updates are a prime example of this.  The internet is a living, breathing and ever changing….animal! So you have to keep up with the times and continually adapt your marketing strategies. 

Using Article Marketing to Build Backlinks

Article Marketing was once a tried and true SEO mechanism for obtaining quality backlinks. The jury is still out, in my opinion as to whether it’s still as effective as it used to be. But it definitely doesn’t hurt to write and submit articles relating to your website.

Do’s and Don’ts

Back-linking or article “farms” is a prime example of a “no-no” when it comes to using articles to obtain backlinks.

Article farms include article directory/services which will accept pretty much any type of article and submit it to their directory and hundreds of other low PR websites.  All you have to do is write a low quality article and anchor your text (backlink) within the article. Link farms will then pass it out all over the web so you can get backlinks.  It’s a short cut way to get backlinks and two years ago it use to work- I know because I tested it out and tried it when I didn’t know any better.  

Don’t do it, avoid link farms and low rate services which claim they will get you hundreds of quality backlinks. The search engines have sniffed out these type of black hat operations and it will only hurt your website in the long run.  Obtaining quality backlinks takes work, and that means writing quality articles around your niche and placing them in reputable article directories, forums and social media venues. Sorry, no short cuts folks.

article marketing techniques and strategies


Lets start with a back-linking standard; basic article marketing.  This is the bread of butter of typical article marketing. Start by writing an article using a primary and secondary keyword within the title as I did with this very post-“How to Build Backlinks Using Article Marketing.”

Now write informative and educational content around your primary and secondary keywords. You should always try and get your keyword within the first or second sentence of your article since the search engines look at, and extract descriptions sometimes, from the first 160 characters or so under a heading tag. Notice my title, heading and first sentence. Bold your keywords and hyperlink them within the article-this is your backlink.

Note:Writing for you own blog is a little different then writing for an article directory.

If I were submitting this post to an article directory such as Ezine articles or Goarticles there would be some restrictions. For example, Ezine does not allow you to place backlinks within the body of your article; but you can place two backlinks in the bio, or resource box.

Break up your article content by using headings, H2,H3 and so on down the page to highlight important topics. If you can’t use these tags then bold the topic line or use bullet points.

Always use one of these strategies to draw your readers attention because typically people don’t read, they scan. See.

Writing Article Content

Not to beat a dead horse but let me say it again-and if you’ve read through some of the content on the home page you know what I’m about to say. Content, content, content is king folks. If you’ve read this far I probably don’t have to remind you of this but you must get this.  Your job is to provide the best content for your readers as humanly possible.

When someone does a keyword search and finds your article; they are expecting to get an answer. Give it to them. Although you write content for the end result of obtaining a backlink, this should not be your primary goal. Your primary goal is to answer a question or solve a problem.

You really are educating your audience, right? So take it seriously and write accurate, informative content. If you’re writing about something you don’t know about then go out and research your topic. Never guess or make false and inaccurate statements for the sake of filling up a page.  This is common among link farms and even hired article content writers.

Content Writers

If you don’t like to write you can hire an article content writer to do it for you. I have hired writers before and it can be a double edged sword.  You can read a post I wrote about it on my Chris Farrell Membership site if you want deeper insight.  My views were a bit different back then. I “do” still outsource some work today,,, I just don’t outsource my article writing.  I just find that I’m too picky and often spend more time correcting and re-writing content. 

But here is a quick check off list of some things to keep in mind when hiring a writer:

1.  Pick a contracting service (odesk, elance, scriptlance)
2.  Post your project (provide details, keywords, fees, word count) You can view current listings and get ideas also.
3.  Test drive 3 writers (look at reviews,work history, portfolio, always ask for samples)
4.  Choose a contractor (agree on fee, upfront or not, set time frames and milestones)
5.  Evaluate (tweak as needed)

It’s been awhile since I’ve hired a writer but fees should range anywhere from a few bucks for a five hundred word article.

article spinning techniques

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Article Spinning

Article spinners are programs which allow you to input an article which will be re-written by the program. The software “spins” the article into many variations by changing synonyms on selected text. Depending on the article spinning program, you have certain controls as to what you want spun within the text.

This is something I dabbled in as well back in the day as I was finding my footing and testing various methods of article marketing.  What did I discover? Article spinners are a waste of time because you have to spend a great deal of time setting things up and selecting words with appropriate synonyms.  

There is a lot of fuss with these programs and at the end of the day they never come out right anyhow.  You’re always tweaking and changing and correcting things with these spinner programs.

If you’ve ever read an article that’s been spun you will know it right away; they just don’t read well, and why should they-its been concocted from a program that can’t write as well as you.  The time you take, and the money you pay for a spinner is just not worth it. Besides, there are no short cuts. Stay away from spinners and just sit down and write.

DIY Articles

Remember, article marketing is just one way to acquire backlinks which will help your website get some traction and start to rise in the search engines.  And, it takes time.  One article is not going to get to page one of Google; but  twenty articles, or more, should be an overall part of your strategy and website promotion.

Of course building a solid foundation (your website) is the first priority when it comes to getting the attention of the search engines. Build an educational and informative website with as much helpful information as you can, and over time you will discover that people will “find you” and link to your website-creating backlinks for you.

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