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WordPress Training Websites

Additional Resources For WordPress There are more ways then one to skin a cat. WordPress is a living, breathing animal, and there are many ways to utilize all of it’s unique features.  My WordPress Training Videos are a great place to start.  It doesn’t matter if you’re beginner or have some experience using WordPress-there is […]

Web Design Tools

Web Developer Resources-Whats in My Toolbox As you begin to build your own website using WordPress you will soon realize that you need additional web design tools and resources to assist you in various tasks. Besides the obvious WordPress plugins, you will also need graphic creation and manipulation software as well.  Here are some of […]

How To Make A Favicon

All About Favicons A Favicon is that fancy, tiny little image that you see on the left side of your browsers address bar when you land on a website. They are also referred to as favorite, bookmark or shortcut icons and are typically 16×16 pixel images. Favicons are commonplace, and you will notice that nearly […]

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WordPress Themes And Templates

Picking A WordPress Theme So you’re all excited about creating a WordPress website. But how much thought have you given to choosing a WordPress theme, also known as templates?  Picking a theme can be stressful, believe it or not, if you allow it to be.  Don’t over think this. This is because there are literally […]

Best WordPress Plugins

Enrich Your Website With Plugins Plugins are not a “requirement” but they do improve and enhance the functionality of your website.  You can build a website without them but that would be like working on a car without a full toolbox.The default WordPress theme is limited so I always load it up with “my” standard […]

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Get WordPress Training Course on DVD

WordPress Training Videos. I’m making my complete WordPress Training Videos training course available to you now on DVD. This offer is actually part of my product promotion, back linking and testing phase.  Building your website properly, from the start, is the first part to branding yourself and developing a solid web presence online. I cover […]