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How to Create a WordPress Page The Right Way

Talk to ten people and you’re likely to get ten ways on how to create a WordPress page the right way. In this video I’ll give you an overview of the anatomy of a page, and then  show you how I create pages and optimize them along the way.

This is not an exhaustive demonstration on page creation, and I go into greater detail in the course, but you will discover some new techniques which you can start using immediately on your own blogs and websites.


How to Change Font Title and Colors in WordPress Using FireBug

In this video you will learn how to change font title and colors in WordPress.  Many themes allow you to change various text elements through embedded panels within the theme but you can’t do it with the default theme.

In this example I use a free web tool called FireBug and show you how to make all sorts of changes to the CSS code quickly and easily.  You can use this procedure to identify, and change pretty much anything within any theme.


Inserting Tables, Columns And Rows in Your Blog

Inserting tables and rows in you blog is a good way highlight, and bring focus to a particular area within your web site you want to stand out.  You can add color and padding as well to enhance your tables.

I use a WordPress plugin called TinyMce to add tables.  It’s an extremely useful add-on which gives you additional toolbar options you can use to help make your stand out.


Work With Images Using Irfanview

I do a great deal of work with images using Irfanview.  It’s a light weight, innocuous,  piece of software but very powerful when used as a graphic viewer and image manipulation tool.  It has a ton of built in tools that are easy to miss if you don’t play with it, so give it a try and you’ll see how useful it can really be.

Watch me use it in this next video as I  grab part of my header and create a nice graphic to place within a WordPress page.


Learn How to Install Cumulus Tag Cloud

A tag cloud is basically a visual layout of the content within your website.  It contains keywords and phrases, also known as meta data, and it can be indexed so that it’s searchable through the search engines.  The Cumulus Tag Cloud plugin is simply a fancy of showing your tags. Here’s a video I did a long time ago showing you how to install it on your website


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