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Welcome to the Free Sample Videos Area

Here you will find a variety of training videos you can use right away.  Some of these videos are taken directly from my WordPress Training course; so you’ll get an idea of how I teach you in the full course. 

There is a short description above to each video which explains what you will learn.  Have Fun!



How to Install WordPress On Your Home Computer

This is one of the first videos I put up on my YouTube account.   It’s a tutorial on how to install WordPress on your home computer. It’s a great way to get started learning WordPress without actually getting a hosting provider and domain name; you simply use your system as the host.

This is a very detailed and slow walk through on exactly how to do it. It should work for you but if you have any problems, double check you work or just delete the file and start over. You can’t hurt anything so just have at it…. it’s a great way to practice.



How to Set GoDaddy Domain Name Servers (DNS)

In video #5 from my WordPress Tutorial Video course I show you how to set GoDaddy domain name servers so you can host your website on Hostgator.   GoDaddy is one of the most popular places to buy domain names and Hostgator is a very popular place to host your sites.

Regardless of where you purchase your domain, or host your domain, this is an essential part of the process you should learn. Watch as I slowly walk you through the process of finding your domain name servers on Hostgator and placing the information in Godaddy.


 How to Create a Banner, Header or Logo Using GIMP

In this video I show you how to create a banner, header or logo for your WordPress website.  The default Twenty Ten theme offers you a variety of headers to choose from for your website; but who really wants a stock image for their header?

Here is an opportunity for you to ‘brand’ yourself by creating your own personalized banner. I use Gimp in this example and as you’ll see it’s pretty straight forward.


How to Create a Sub Domain

A sub domain is part of a larger domain. If your domain name is; you can add a blog sub domain and call it  You only need one “primary” domain in order to do this,  and you can add as many sub domains to your “primary” domain as you like. This is very convenient if you want to add specific urls to your website without actually purchasing a full blown new domain name.  Here’s how to do it.

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