Wordpress course outline

Watch me build a WordPress website from the ground up…. in real time


This is a step by step WordPress video training series with over 12 Hours instructional videos on how to construct a SOLID website which is optimized for the search engines.

You will learn all of the basics as well as advanced web design techniques.
This is not a skimpy run of the mill WordPress Training Course, You will also get complete training on how to properly optimize your site and then I’ll show you how to promote your website too.

What this course includes
Full length videos – No short 3 minute quick tip type of videos. The average video is about ten minutes long.

Step by Step
I don’t take anything for granted. I show how to do everything slowly and methodically.  No reason to rush so it’s not fast paced.

WordPress is the best Content Management System Software available. I’ve been building websites using it for about two years and I’m going to show you how to build a website the right way.

I’m going to show you how to build a website from a “Marketing Perspective”  You will learn how to design a website with your customers best interest in mind.  It doesn’t matter if you want to build a personal blog or a business website for a product or service.


Courtney’s WordPress Training has helped me SO much – from setting up properly to marketing and driving traffic and all the tips, tricks, and strategies in between!  I now know and understand all the critical gaps that I had been missing.  His over-the-shoulder style of video presentations allows even a beginner to easily follow along, learn, and apply.  I also loved how Courtney went above and beyond my expectations to make a video for a question I had.  This is a mentor who genuinely cares about your success, and I really appreciate that!  I couldn’t be more pleased, as I feel like I went from WordPress Zero to WordPress Ninja through these tutorials!  Thanks for helping me succeed, Courtney!

~Sharon Brown~ TarotWisdomReadings.com


Complete Breakdown of the WordPress Training
(Over 12 Hours of Video)

Module One (Free)
1.  Introduction to WordPress
2.  Keyword Research/Choosing Domain Name
3.  Creating GoDaddy Account Buying Domain
4.  Creating Hostgator Account
Module One-A (Free)
5.  Setting up Domain Name Servers (DNS)
6.  Adding Domain Name to Hostgator
7.  Installing WordPress Using Fantastico
Module Two
1.  Setting up your theme
2.  Overview of dashboard
3.  Cleaning up and Setting your home page
4.  Setting pages and permalink structure
5.  Working with plugins
6.  Setting Title and tagline
Module Three
1.  Anatomy of a page
2.  Creating your landing page part1
3.  Creating your landing page part2
4.  Creating your landing page part3
5.  Creating graphics for your pages
Module Four
1.  Configuring custom menus
2.  Introduction to all-in-one
3.  Setting up all-in-one/Tag page plugin
4.  Understanding outbound links
5.  Wrap up and overview Modules3/4
6.  How to set up a page the correct way (free video section)
Module Five
1.  Working with your footer
2.  Creating custom header (part1)
3.  Creating custom header (part2)
4.  Editing the navigation bar with Firebug
5.  Working with widgets/creating animate gifs (part1)
6.  Working with widgets/tweaks/center widget titles(part2)
Module Six
1.  Setting up WP policy pages: terms/disclaimer/privacy/etc.
2.  Configuring contact form
3.  Creating forms from contact form
4.  Editing header and custom menu tweaks on navigation bar
Module Seven
1.  Creating images with Irfanview (free video section)
2.  How to create still video player cover image with Gimp
3.  Installing and setting up JWPlayer
4.  Video section wrap-up YouTube introduction
Module Eight
1.  Working with posts /overview/construction/images (part1)
2.  Working with posts /standard/aside/gallery (part2)
3.  Editing post meta data-display none options (part3)
4.  Bullet Proof Security Plugin (protecting your site)
5.  Backup/Copy/Clone Site / Using FTP (part1)
6.  Backup/Copy/Clone Site (part2)
Module Nine
1.  Blog Curation techniques (part1)
2.  Blog Curation / curating posts (part2)
3.  Widgets/outbound links/blogroll (part1)
4.  Widgets/Cumulus tag cloud setup (part2)
5.  Widgets/video player (part3)
Module Ten
1.  Creating Tables/Rows/Columns (free video section)
2.  Setup Akismet/XML sitemap/Add to Any Social plugins
3.  All about Gravatars
4.  Statcounter/tracking web traffic
5.  Monetizing your site
6.  Affiliate Marketing
Module Eleven
1.  Google Maps/Google Places
2.  Promoting your site with YouTube
3.  Article marketing
4.  Twitter
5.  Facebook/Create Fan Page (part 1)
6.  Facebook/Setup (part 2)
7.  Facebook/Configuring (part 3)

Module Twelve
1.  Pre Launch/Launch
2.  Getting Indexed
3.  YouTube Drip Feed
4.  Final Words/Personal Development

All videos in the course are in 720 HD format so you can actually see and follow along easier

WordPress Training Videos has everything you will need to learn WordPress from scratch…Not only will you learn WordPress to build your site , but you will also learn the basics of SEO which is a must for anyone who wants to have their websites rank well with Google and other search engines. I found the training modules very informative and easy to follow as well. You will also find a seemingly  endless supply of tips and links to tools , plugins and free software not required to learn WordPress but essential must have tools when building a good reliable website. There is nothing like that amazing feeling of accomplishment that you will get as I did , when you follow these training modules.

~Danny Loiseau~ DogAndMaster.com



Here are some extras you’ll get in my training once you register.

Over 130 WordPress Themes (FREE)
Get over One Hundred and Thirty Free WordPress Themes that you can start using right away. You won’t have to waste any time searching for themes. Simply get started with any of these brilliant themes.

27 Video Gimp Tutorials (FREE)

free gimp tutorial videos

Gimp is my preferred graphic manipulation software and I use it extensively throughout the course training. I’ll walk you step by step through how I create various banners and graphics.

Images and graphics are a necessity for any website. Learn how to create your own using this Free graphic and image manipulation software.

These free Gimp tutorials will get you started. I’ll give you access to download these for free.  Here’s what you will learn in this free 27 video Gimp tutorial pack.

1 – How To Install The Gimp ver 2.4
2 – Getting Started
3 – An Introduction To The User Interface
4 – How To Use The Rectangle Tool
5 – How To Use The Freehand Tool
6 – How To Use The Color & Fuzzy Select Tools
7 – How To Use The Scissors Select Tool
8 – How To Use The Foreground Select Tool
9 – How To Use The Paths Tool
10 – How To Use The Color Picker Tool
11 – How To Use The Zoom Tool
12 – How To Use The Measure Tool
13 – How To Use The Move Tool
14 – How To Use The Align Tool
15 – How To Use The Transform Tools
16 – How To Use The Text Tool
17 – How To Use The Bucket Fill Tool
18 – How To Use The Blend or Gradient Tool
19 – How To Use The Brush Tool
20 – How To Use The Last Of The Tools
21 – How To Create And Install Your Own Brushes
22 – An Introduction To The Layers
23 – How To Edit PhotoShop Images
24 – How To Make Your Images Transparent
25 – How To Use The Save Function
26 – An Introduction To Script-FU (script-foo)
27 – How To Create Web 2.0 Graphic

I’ll also train you on how to use useful web building tools such as:

  • Gimp-Graphic Creation/Manipulation Software
  • Firebug-Awesome web development tool
  • Irfanview-Graphic Software
  • Unfreeze-Animated Gif software
  • Instant Eye Dropper

These are a few of the tools I use in the training and I’ll show you how to effectively use all of them as you walk with me through the creation of Full Featured WordPress website from start to finish.

This is not a huge Hollywood production folks. It’s just me and you.  Check out the free video section and you’ll see actual footage of the training.  These are full length videos taken from the course.  No, I don’t need your email…. just go view the videos, Or, simply register now and join me in the members area.


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