Getting Website Traffic

how to get traffic for your wordpress website

Need Traffic?

Website traffic is the life blood of every website. But hold on a minute-what I meant to say is that “targeted website traffic” is what we all want. So lets talk about How To Generate Website Traffic.

It fascinates me when I talk to prospective clients about building them a website.  Most business owners, and people for that matter, never give a second thought about website traffic.  They don’t ask about how people will discover their website at all.

Most people are only concerned about price. So they say… “How much?”

Of course internet marketers are well aware of the importance of traffic, and it’s usually foremost in their minds; aside from the construction of their site.  But the general public totally misses this.

The general belief, it appears, is that if “I have a website I’ll just get plenty of visitors.”  Sadly, this is not the case. There are millions of websites online that get very little, or no website traffic at all.

There are many ways to generate traffic, and in the promotion section of my Free WordPress Training Videos Online course I walk you through how I do it. But for now, lets talk about ways you can increase your web traffic starting today.

Various Types of website traffic

There are two types of website traffic:

  • Free Traffic-Organic
  • Paid Traffic-Pay Per Click (PPC)


Buying Clicks

Paid traffic, in the most common form you always see is called PPC. These are seen at the top of your page and on the right side when you do a keyword search. The top listings usually have a color background and the ones on the side usually don’t, depending on your browser and search engine used.

Its called pay per click because you actually pay a fee every time someone clicks on your listing.  You bid against other advertisers based on your preferred “keyword”.  Bids can be as little as .10 cents and as high as $10.00 or more, depending on the keyword competition.

So every time someone clicks on your website add they are re-directed to your website. You pay for the “click”, regardless of whether they buy something or not. This is one of the ways Google is making a ton of money.

PPC works because if you’re at the top of the page the likely hood of someone clicking on your listing is high.  The expense can be high too, and this is why expert PPC is an art.

Organic Traffic

Personally, I prefer free, “organic” traffic and this is what I teach in the course.

Getting organic traffic may take a little more work but once you get your website up to the first page of the search engines you’ve accomplished your goal.  You get a first page ranking and don’t have to pay to stay there over and over again.

Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

Of course the first step to getting your website to the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo involves building a solid website which is optimized right out of the gate.  This is what I stress in the course as I walk you through every minute detail.

You have to build a solid website foundation first-using solid on-page web building techniques. This means creating a “targeted” website centered around primary and secondary keywords. Use primiary keywords for your pages and use secondary keywords for your posts.

Use keywords for your titles, H1, H2 tags, descriptions and blogroll. Make sure you label your images and use the alt descriptor and caption box when appropriate. Construct outbound links also. There is a science to doing this properly but once you get your foundation set you can move on to off page optimization and promotion.

Promoting Your Website to Get Visitors

We all want free website traffic and the best way to get it is to promote your website.  I rely primarily on only a few techniques to generate free traffic.

Social Media

My two favorites are YouTube and Facebook; twitter of course is another alley you should consider if you like to tweet-I don’t tweet.

If you have not already created a YouTube channel you are missing out on loads of free traffic. I actually stumbled across this by accident, after creating a video which has brought me tons of traffic.

Create an account and upload videos specific to your product and service. This is essential for self promotion and it works. Everybody looks to YouTube for information and answers-provide answers and solutions on YouTube and watch your web traffic grow.

The same holds true for Facebook, right?  Create a Fanpage around your product, service or brand.  This one should be a no-brainer. We all know the power of Facebook-use it!


Back links are in-coming links from other websites which point to your website.  I have a list of out-bound links on the sidebar of this website. Those links are pointing to other websites so, for me they are out-bound, but for those websites they are in-bound;or back links.

Having back inks is important because when other websites “point” to your website it makes your website more “relevant” in the eyes of the search engines.  If other websites are in essence, recommending, your website then your website must be important, right?

Not all back links are created equally and there is a such thing as a good back link and not so good back link. But that’s another discussion.

Generally, I like to acquire back links via article marketing. The best way to do this is to write articles about your product or service and submit it to article directories. I like to use Ezines, Goarticles and Snipsly for my article marketing.

Getting targeted website traffic is art and takes a bit of skill, as well as trial and error, but it can be done. Start with a solid foundation first however, because it makes the rest of the process a whole lot easier.

If you have a specific question about website traffic or how to get ranked on the first page of the search engines please leave a comment.