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This is where you will find the complete library of how-to WordPress instructional videos which will walk you through every aspect of setting up and promoting your first WordPress website.  


How To Benefit Most From This Training

1. Watch the introduction: I will give you some ground rule suggestions
2. Commit to the training
3. Make a schedule and set aside several hours each week
4. Watch each video once in it’s entirety first, and then a second time before doing the exercise.

Most of all have fun !



Module One (FREE)
1.  Introduction to WordPress
2.  Keyword Research/Choosing Domain Name
3.  Creating GoDaddy Account Buying Domain
4.  Creating Hostgator Account
Module One-A (FREE)
5.  Setting up Domain Name Servers (DNS)
6.  Adding Domain Name to Hostgator
7.  Installing WordPress Using Fantastico
Module Two
1.  Setting up your theme
2.  Overview of dashboard
3.  Cleaning up and Setting your home page
4.  Setting pages and permalink structure
5.  Working with plugins
6.  Setting Title and tagline
Module Three
1.  Anatomy of a page
2.  Creating your landing page part1
3.  Creating your landing page part2
4.  Creating your landing page part3
5.  Creating graphics for your pages
 Module Four
1.  Configuring custom menus
2.  Introduction to All-in-One SEO
3.  Setting up all-in-one/Tag page plugin
4.  Understanding outbound links
5.  Wrap up and overview Modules3/4
6.  How to set up a page the correct way (free video section)
 Module Five
1.  Working with your footer
2.  Creating custom header (part1)
3.  Creating custom header (part2)
4.  Editing the navigation bar with Firebug
5.  Working with widgets/creating animate gifs (part1)
6.  Working with widgets/tweaks/center widget titles(part2)
 Module Six
1.  Setting up WP policy pages: terms/disclaimer/privacy/etc.
2.  Configuring contact form
3.  Creating forms from contact form
4.  Editing header and custom menu tweaks on navigation bar
 Module Seven
1.  Creating images with Irfanview (free video section)
2.  How to create still video player cover image with Gimp
3.  Installing and setting up JWPlayer
4.  Video section wrap-up YouTube introduction
 Module Eight
1.  Working with posts /overview/construction/images (part1)
2.  Working with posts /standard/aside/gallery (part2)
3.  Editing post meta data-display none options (part3)
4.  Bullet Proof Security Plugin (protecting your site)
5.  Backup/Copy/Clone Site / Using FTP (part1)
6.  Backup/Copy/Clone Site (part2)
 Module Nine
1.  Blog Curation techniques (part1)
2.  Blog Curation / curating posts (part2)
3.  Widgets/outbound links/blogroll (part1)
4.  Widgets/Cumulus tag cloud setup (part2)
5.  Widgets/video player (part3)
 Module Ten
1.  Creating Tables/Rows/Columns (free video section)
2.  Setup Akismet/XML sitemap/Add to Any Social plugins
3.  All about Gravatars
4.  Statcounter/tracking web traffic
5.  Monetizing your site
6.  Affiliate Marketing
Module Eleven
1.  Google Maps/Google Places
2.  Promoting your site with YouTube
3.  Article marketing
4.  Twitter
5.  Facebook/Create Fan Page (part 1)
6.  Facebook/Setup (part 2)
7.  Facebook/Configuring (part 3)
8.  Facebook/The Like Box (part4)
  Module Twelve
1.  Pre Launch/Launch
2.  Getting Indexed
3.  YouTube Drip Feed
4.  Final Words/Personal Development