Understanding WordPress

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What Is WordPress?

WordPress is free web development software that you can use to create your own website or blog.¬†WordPress comes is two flavors, or versions.¬† The free version is probably the most common. If you go to WordPress.com you will be able setup your first WordPress blog for free. Simply click on the “get started here” tab, enter a name, register and you’re on your way.¬† You can also download the WordPress software program script from WordPress.org as well.

This second version of WordPress is also free and allows you start building your own WordPress Blog or Website too. However, this version of WordPress requires you to have a domain or web host in order to use the software. A web host is basically a provider, or web service company, which will “house” your WordPress website.

WordPress is among the most popular free web design software platforms available and you can get started using either versions as you follow along in my WordPress video training system. The WordPress .com version is limited however, and not as flexible as the software version you can obtain from WordPress.org.

Which Version of WordPress is best for you?

Each version of WordPress fulfills a need. When I first got started I used the free “blog” version to get my feet wet and learn what I was doing. It was limiting because I didn’t actually have my own domain name, or web hosting service; I had what’s known as a ‘sub-domain’. For example, if your name is John and you sign up for a free blog at WordPress.com using your name; your domain name would be john.WordPress.com.

Now, if you wanted your own independent domain name to be john.com you would simply have the “domain name” hosted through a web hosting service.

Decide which version is best for your needs and join me as I walk you through the process of installing, optimizing and using WordPress with my Free WordPress Video Training Online Course.

how to build your own wordpress websiteBuild Your Own Website

The biggest travesty I see in web design is this: You build a website, or have someone build it for you and then your website is never discovered online.Web developers suck enormous amounts of money out of people and the clients website can’t even be found within the first few pages of a Google, Bing or Yahoo search.

And, to add insult to injury many web developers will charge additional fees for “their” so called SEO services, which is really just a service they farm out to other companies who do very little to build your web presence.

If you’ve ever paid for this type of service you may have been disappointed! Watch my videos and learn how to build your own SEO WordPress website the right way.