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Web Developer Resources-Whats in My Toolbox

As you begin to build your own website using WordPress you will soon realize that you need additional web design tools and resources to assist you in various tasks. Besides the obvious WordPress plugins, you will also need graphic creation and manipulation software as well.  Here are some of my favorites.  As you go through the course I will show you how I use each of these.


This one is a must for anyone building a website. Firebug is by far one of the most popular and powerful web development tools in existence.  This tool allows you to inspect, analyze and debug  many facets of HTML code.

Firebug is a plugin/addon/extention which piggybacks off of the Firefox browser.  You simply install it and launch it when you’re using your browser.  If you use Chrome, Safari or IE browsers you can use the “Lite” version of Firebug and still get the same functionality.

There are many videos in the course where I demonstrate how I use Firebug to identify certain elements of code on the website and how easy it is to change precisely what you want once you’ve identified it, using Firebug. Get the version for your browser of choice here.


This is my choice for graphic creation and manipulation software.  If you can’t afford Photoshop then get Gimp because it’s free.  You will need to create banners and images for your website so this one is a must have too.  I use it all the time for all of my major graphics projects and I use it a lot in the course.


Although you can do most everything you need to from the WordPress dashboard there are going to be times when you need to FTP “into” your domain.  File Transfer Protocol software allows you to log into your various domains and quickly transfer files and images. I prefer Filezilla and I’ll show you how to get the most out of it in the course.


Within the course you will see me using this text editor to write and edit my content.  Notepad++ is pretty slick because it uses all types of file formats and extensions such as .txt, .php, HTML,  .java, and anything else you can think of.  Get this one.

This is what I call one of my quick favorites and preferred image viewer.  Whenever I open an image I use Irfanview because I can also quickly edit images with this as well.  This small, yet powerful, graphic viewer lets me change, crop, rotate, sharpen and manipulate any image fast.  I particularly like the screenshot capture feature which lets you quickly capture any image you’re viewing. It has tons of other features as well.  Irfanview is perfect for small jobs you want to whip out fast.

Open UnFREEz and drop in as many images as you want and it will instantly create an animated gif.  You can also do this with Gimp but UnFREEz is a convenient way to get the job done fast.

Instant Eyedropper
I use this one all the time when I’m working with color selections.  Just launch it and it places itself in the task bar.  Click, hold and drag it across your screen over any color you want and it will give you the HTML color code, ie #ffffff.  

These are the favorites of my website design toolbox and you can download all of them now

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