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How to Get Top Ranking On Google

Are you pulling your hair out trying to figure out what Google wants?  Everybody wants their website to be on the first page of Google.  Why? Because if people can’t find you on the first page they will find your competition. Everyone should want to be number one on Google.  The fact is that the majority of people find what they’re looking for on the first page listings after they do a keyword search.

People seldom go to the second page.  And, if they do, less then one percent of people will find your site and click on it.

You want to be on the first page, and as close to the top as possible obviously. When was the last time you clicked on the second page to find a product or service? Rarely, I’d imagine. You see, most of the time we are simply impatient and don’t want to be bothered by digging or drilling down to find information, unless it’s something very very specific. So we just type in something different; another keyword, and maybe we’ll find what we’re looking for that way. Right?

G o o g l e

So getting your website a first page listing in the search engine results is a big deal because you give your website a fighting chance amongst the millions of other competing websites out there. I’ll give you some tips below.

Yes, you can get discovered and your website can be found just like the guy sitting next to you. Now, there are tons of variables that come into play which determine how to position your website effectively so you do get found, and we can’t cover them all here. But here are some essential things to consider.

Google First Page Ranking Tips

These first page ranking tips are only a small portion of what I teach in my full WordPress Training Videos Course; but these are tips you should consider using right away.

1. Find A Niche Market

tips on what google wants find a nicheAvoid the Big Boys. If you want to build a website about golf don’t expect to be number one on the search engine results page SERP,  if someone searches the word “golf.” You’re trying to take a bite out of a big piece of pie and it simply can’t be done. You must narrow your focus. What about golf balls? Still too big. What about red golf balls? Even that might be too challenging but I hope you get the idea. Drill down to a very, very specific and narrow

keyword. It’s a big pie and you can get a piece of it, you just have to wiggle your way in for a small section of a huge market. You want to define a “niche” and drill down within that  to find YOUR niche market.

2. Learn How to Do keyword research

This is an entire study within itself, but you must do keyword research and see what the people, (the market), are searching for and how you can slide in and simply get a piece of that pie; just a small piece is all you need. There is an art to doing effective keyword research but use the free Google keyword tool and focus on keywords that get around 500 hits a month. There are many schools of thought on this, but for the beginner I always say start small and work your way up once you get some experience under your belt. The best way to do this is to go for the “long tail keyword.” I cover this in my training course as well but this is a good place to start.

In the mean time, here is a video tip I did a while back on keyword research which you can start using now.


3. Provide  Quality Content

Those taking my course are probably screaming about this one by now because this is my pet peeve-content, content, and more content. So much of building a quality site is centered around good, helpful and informative content folks. You can do a lot of things right but if you get this one wrong you’ve missed the boat already. You must provide quality content if you want some Yahoo and Google love. Besides, isn’t that why people clicked on your site in the first place? You led them to believe you had an answer to the question they typed in the search bar. The days of skimpy uninformative first page ranking websites is over.

4. Learn Online Marketing Techniques

Get real. It’s going to take you a bit of time and energy to build a quality site. You are going to have to invest the time, and yes-a little money too-into yourself. You have to learn a few new skills in order to get this stuff right. There are no shortcuts, tricks, magic potions, link farms or article spinners that will help you. I will admit I fell victim to some of these things when I was new to this arena, but trust me, stay away from such things. Just get focused, educate yourself, learn what you need to do and then go do it.

You can get more tips in my WordPress SEO section

You can learn how to get on the first page of Google or Yahoo, it isn’t as hard as you might think.  You simply have to line all your ducks up in a row and find out what Google wants. This means having the correct mind set too, and getting laser focused on your goals.

If you’ve found your way here, chances are it was from a first page listing, or through another avenue I teach on how to promote and build your website using WordPress. It’s all within my course.  Start your training and you can be number one on Google too.

Take a look at some of my free WordPress videos in the video section and feel free to join me in the members area. It’s Free to register and get full access.