Who Needs WordPress Training

Wordpress is for everyone

Everybody Needs To Learn WordPress

If you’re sitting there reading this post wondering who needs WordPress training then YOU are a prime candidate. Everybody needs to learn WordPress if, you want to build your own website and have a lot of fun in the process.  It’s not just for the professional web designers anymore.  In fact, it’s used mostly by the average person.

Who can benefit the most from WordPress?

1.Business owners
3.Online Marketers
4.Web Developers

WordPress is for every day people. It’s free and open source software, which basically means anyone can use it, copy it, and change the available source code within it. Over twenty percent of the top million websites use the WordPress platform. And, because it’s so popular, many web developers have jumped in and contributed to it’s success by adding to the code.

The support for WordPress is pretty incredible too and there is a great community of folks always willing to help, so you will always be able to figure things out if you ever get stuck.

WordPress is not difficult to learn, and with a little practice you could actually master the basics of web design fairly quickly. Two years ago I knew absolutely nothing about building web sites, but with a little time and patience I’ve figured it out and now I’m passing along what I’ve learned to you.

WordPress For The Business Owner

If you’re a business owner you know darn well you need a website. Whether you know it or not, not a whole bunch of people go to the Yellow Pages these days when they’re looking for goods or services locally. No,,, people go online and search for what they want. Think about it, when is the last time you used your local Dex or Yellow Pages?

So having a website is a must for you if you want to run a serious business. Now of course you can go out and hire someone to build your site. I guess there’s not anything wrong with that but let’s be honest, it could cost you a little or it could cost you a lot.

And, there are a lot of unknowns after your site is complete. Was is done the way you envisioned? Are you going to get found online? Is the web designer going to stick it to you with ongoing charges and maintenance? Bite the bullet, take some time and learn how to do it yourself.

The bottom line is you can do it yourself folks, and it will be done right if you let me guide you and follow my step by step WordPress Training Course.

The WordPress Hobbyist

Almost everybody I know has a hobby they’re passionate about, I have several. Depending on your level of involvement chances are you’d like to have a website in which you talk about your hobby and show off your latest project. YouTube and Facebook are great examples of this. Everybody likes to talk about themselves and struck their stuff, right?

Build your own WordPress site around your hobby and interests. When I first got started online I built websites focused on my personal interests. I stay motivated and had fun because it was something I was passionate about. It’s a great place to start.

online marketers use wordpress too

Online Marketers

This one is a no brainier and how I actually got started. Online marketing, or Internet marketing, involves selling or promoting products and services on the internet.

It’s not an easy road to travel when you first start and guess what?, you have to build your own websites. It is an absolute necessity to know how to build a website the proper way.

Marketing online is a whole other animal but I’ll say it again; it’s essential that you build your websites properly to keep up with the ever changing demands of Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

But it’s more then that. Building product and service related websites is a learned skill that you only acquire through the school of slips, stumbles and falls. It’s like anything else; you learn from your mistakes and, by default, you get better as you go.

Reduce your mistake margin by following my advice on building a WordPress website. Everything I show you in my WordPress Training Videos system is going to give you an edge and cut down the learning curve. When you design your site the way I show you, you’re going to understand how WordPress really works and end up with a very nice website that will also get you discovered online.

Web Developers

You might think that anyone who calls themselves a web designer knows how to build websites. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Let me first qualify the previous statement by saying this:

Many web designers can build websites but they don’t build search engine optimized (SEO) websites.

I’m a web designer as the result of being an online product marketer. SEO is not a bad word, and understanding how it relates to an effective web presence is the “twist” many web developers miss. In all fairness, it’s no fault of their own, they just don’t know and have never really thought about what I’m revealing here.

wordpress for web developers

Web Designers Need WordPress Too

Traditional web designers went to school to learn how to design websites, not market them. They don’t see web design from the eyes and prospective of marketing. This is slowly changing however, and there are many now adding SEO packages to their plans. Unfortunately they still don’t really “know” how to effectively optimize their sites so they farm out old school back-linking techniques to other agencies.

This is what’s different about my training, and because I show you how to build a site from a marketing prospective, you get the best of both worlds. You learn how to build the website, set it up properly and then market it. So to all the web designers out there; this WordPress Training is for you too. No hard feelings.

So if you’ve read this far then you’re obviously thinking about building your own website too. Anybody, and everybody, thinking about building their own site needs WordPress. Jump in and I’ll show you how I do it.

For a sneak peak at the course please visit the Free Video Training area, and then join us in the members area.