Why My WordPress Training Videos Are Totally Free

why my wordpress training is really freeThere Must Be A Catch

“If it sounds too good to be true…” We all know the ending to this popular quote.  When you see the word “FREE”, do you really believe you’re about to get something for nothing?

Most of us would say,, well, “not so much”  And, most of the time you’d be absolutely right.  We see the word “free” all the time on TV, online and various advertisements so we have become accustomed to taking it all with a grain of salt and, with a cringe await the punch line-which is usually disguised as a back-end offer.

Advertisers spend a lot of money developing seductive ads which play on our desire to get something for free.  Buzz words like, risk free, special offer, no cost, trial and many others make it OK for us to at least “Check It Out”.

But here’s the rub.  A large portion of us actually follow through and end up going for the real offer the company wanted us to purchase in the first place.  Now there’s nothing wrong with this of course, but understanding the psyche of this will make you a better consumer.  So what does all this have to do with my Free WordPress Training Videos?

This WordPress Training Site Really is Free

Now don’t get me wrong-I’m trying to get paid too.  But yes, this is a free site and there are no hidden agendas.  Everything you need to know about why I’m offering you my training is outlined right here.

1.  From the kindness of my heart
How noble that would be if it were totally true.  Of course I’m offering this because I know I will make revenue from those who take advantage of the training.  I offer the same training on another sister site which is a paid membership site.  I’ve simply re-tooled everything and created this site.

2.  Back in the day
When I first got started three years ago I remember how frustrating it was for me trying to learn WordPress and Internet Marketing.  I reached out to guy I met online and he really, really helped.  He didn’t ask for anything in return-he just took me by the hand and helped me.  You don’t find that too often, and to this day I’m still very grateful.  So, in one way this is an avenue for me to pay it forward.  The grateful comments and help requests  I receive from one of my most popular YouTube videos are touching. You just feel good when you give back and help people.  And, it ain’t corny.

3.  Just give it to me
Everybody likes free stuff.  Let’s face it, there are a lot of freebies available out there and we have simply become accustom to getting things for free.  We want it fast,  we want it now and in many cases even when it’s free we will find some way to even criticize it.  I’m continually “Amazed” at some of the responses I get from some of  my YouTube subscribers who run into problems with-this or that-and then ask me to give them the solution without ever doing any research or problem solving on their own. Just give it to me…..

4.  Making money online
I’m a web developer and online marketer as I’ve said before and I do this full time.  And, although this site is free I’ve discovered that I will still be able generate some revenue from those who actually go through the course and decide to help keep this site free.

How You Can Help

If  my Free WordPress Training Videos help you, and they will if you go through the course, then you can help keep this site free for all in several ways.

1.  Leave a comment
2.  Like us on Facebook
3.  Link back to this site from your website
4.  Get your domain name from GoDaddy via one of my links
5.  Use my discount code  courtneywp  when you purchase your domain hosting from Hostgator
6.  Make a small donation via PayPal

As you can see most of these won’t cost you anything and even a small donation of $5 from PayPal is much appreciated.  Most people will simply take the training and run, and that’s fine.  But many of you will take the time to Like the site on Facebook, leave a comment and simply use my Hostgator coupon code to get a discount when you get your domain hosting.  Anything  is appreciated!

Thank you so much!  Stay focused and stay faithful, you can do it.  Go register and get started now*



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