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WordPress Video Tutorials For Beginners

Are You a WordPress Noob?

wordpress video tutorials200 imageVideo training is by far the easiest way to learn WordPress for beginners. In fact, video training has been shown to be among the most effective methods of learning today, and for the WordPress noob it’s especially helpful.

The reasons are clear; it’s easy to simply watch someone do something and then repeat it. That’s why I created my WordPress Tutorial Videos.

Why do you think training videos on YouTube have become so popular?. Because people like to watch and learn through video instruction?

But not all training videos are created equally, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen WordPress videos that were poorly constructed and failed to teach me what I was looking for. If you have searched for help on a particular topic, such as WordPress plugins for instance, I’m sure you’ve seen tutorials which were just plain lousy. Videos with no sound, poor quality, fuzzy or blurry are common place. This one of the major reasons I created a WordPress video tutorials for beginners system.

The Biggest Frustration With Online WordPress Training

wordpress frustration imageLearning WordPress can also be made complicated because some people don’t know how to teach. Now I don’t proclaim to be the best teacher but I do know how “I” like to be taught, or instructed. So, I simply keep that in mind as I share what I know about WordPress with you.  Let me show you how to use WordPress the right way so you get the most out of it.

I break each step down into simple and easy to understand chunks.

When you’re familiar with something and attempting to train, or teach, someone else it’s easy to forget that the  person on the receiving end is brand new, and possibly doesn’t even have a very basic baseline of understanding. So it’s extremely important for teachers to keep this in mind. I do.

Training someone on how to configure a WordPress blog, theme, widget, or permalink structure may be second nature to the instructor; but it’s not easy for the beginner who’s never used WordPress. So it’s important to place yourself in the shoes of the newbie. This is what I do in my WordPress video training course.

Brand New to WordPress

brand new to wordpress imageI understand you may be brand new to the WordPress platform so I go nice and slow and walk you through everything you need to know about installing, setting up and configuring your WordPress website. But I also take it one step further; I show you how to fully optimize each and every post, page, widget, image and more, for the search engines.

It’s so easy. Watch me do it first and then repeat exactly what I do.

One of my first WordPress instructional videos was “How to install WordPress locally“, which shows you how to install WordPress on your home computer and learn it, or, “play  with it” so you understand how it works. The reason I did the video is because I couldn’t find one clear and concise enough when I needed the help; so I did my own.

My YouTube training video has been a smashing success and people are loving it and leaving fabulous comments. Why? Because I go slow and methodically show you, in a easy to understand step by step process how to use WordPress.

Check out the video in my Free WordPress Videos section and see for yourself how I teach WordPress to beginners.

I’ve been frustrated before and I know what it’s like when someone goes too fast and doesn’t explain what they’re doing or why they’re doing it;  it’s enough to make you want to scream.  I don’t assume you know what I’m talking about in my WordPress video training course, so I take it slow and explain to you what I’m doing each and every step along the way.

I cover a lot of material in my training and you get the benefit of it all. Some people might say I go into too much detail and sometimes explain the obvious, but since I don’t know what level of understanding you bring to the table I make sure I don’t leave anything out of my training. I want everybody to get it.

My WordPress Training Method and Philosophy

When you watch my videos you’ll see that there’s nothing fancy about how I teach you WordPress. It’s just me and you having a conversation. There’s no fancy graphics or video roll-ins. No bells and whistles. I don’t talk to you like you’re a two year old or hearing impaired either.

my wordpress training method imageYou just watch, listen, take notes and do what I suggest and you’ll get the most out of WordPress, I guarantee that. It’s just straight-up WordPress web design folks.

You will watch me build “this site” live and in real time. I chronicle the entire event so you get to see exactly how it’s all done from start to finish.

You will see this site come together and observe me get my WordPress website ranked in the search engines as well. I will talk you through the process just as if you’re sitting right next to me. You go along with me from beginning to end. Here is some of what I will cover in the video tutorials course.

  • initial keyword research
  • domain name selection
  • buying the domain
  • working with Godaddy and Hostgator
  • installation using Fantastico
  • working with pages,posts,dashboard
  • permalinks,custom menus,widgets,plugins
  • tags,links,media library
  • seo,outbound links,sidebars
  • graphics,creating banners,logos,animated gifs

There are over 60 videos, and counting, in the course.

In fact, within the video training sessions you will see me louse a few things up as I take you on this journey discovering all of the many facets of WordPress.  Since I’m taping this as I go you will notice that this is not a Hollywood production; but it will be tight in the end as you will see. And, effective and informative enough that you will definitely be happy you followed along with me.

The bottom line is this:
My training videos are not designed to impress you, but more importantly to impress upon you the importance of proper web design. And, to encourage and show you how to do it.  Yes, you can do exactly what I’m going to show you and have a quality WordPress website you can be proud of.  And, that ain’t no joke!

I took this “natural and real time” approach to show you how an ordinary person uses WordPress to build a website using the default theme, and how to optimize it and get it ranked in the search engines so people can find it. Period.

I shoot straight, and talk straight to you as I show you every web design technique I use everyday as I build websites for myself and my clients.  You need to jump on this.

Who Needs My WordPress Video Tutorial System

WordPress beginners, newbies and online marketers need my tutorials.

My WordPress training is for intermediate and advanced web designers and affiliates who want to build mini product niche sites too. Although my video training was produced with the beginner in mind, it’s for everyone.

Experienced web developers and online marketers can benefit from this training because you will learn everything you need to know about search engine optimization (SEO). It’s not enough to simply know how to build a website these days. You have to know how to effectively optimize it for the search engines. This is especially true for online marketers who want to promote products and services.

If you want Google, Yahoo and Bing to give your website some love then you have to give them what they want.

The popular search engines change their algorithms, and how they judge the quality of your site, constantly and it’s hard to always keep up with what they want. I’m going to teach you sound, tried and true, website building essentials that you should always employ to keep you in the good graces of the search engines.

help with online web training with no tricks imageThere will be no shortcuts, tricks, underhand or black hat techniques here guys; just solid straight up WordPress web design, content and information driven.

My goal, and your goal, should always be focused on helping the reader.I build websites that solve a problem, provide a solution, answer a question and get discovered online. Don’t worry if you’re a brand new beginner to WordPress.  Join me, watch my videos and I’ll show you how you can do it too.

Take a look at my full course now and get started.


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