WordPress Video Training For Beginners

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Learn WordPress by Watching Videos

Learn WordPress by Watching Videos

Video training is by far the easiest way to learn WordPress for beginners. In fact, video training has been shown to be among the most effective methods of learning today, and for the WordPress noob it’s especially helpful.

The reasons are clear; it’s easy to simply watch someone do something and then repeat it.That’s why I created Free WordPress Training Videos Online.


Why do you think training videos on YouTube have become so popular?. Because people like to watch and learn through video instruction?

But not all training videos are created equally, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen WordPress videos that were poorly constructed and failed to teach me what I was looking for. If you have searched for help on a particular topic, such as WordPress plugins for instance, I’m sure you’ve seen tutorials which were just plain lousy. Videos with no sound, poor quality, fuzzy or blurry are common place. This one of the major reasons I created¬† Free WordPress Video Training Online.

bad wordpress training will frustrate youStop WordPress Frustration

Learning WordPress can also be made complicated because some people don’t know how to teach. Now I don’t proclaim to be the best teacher but I do know how “I” like to be taught, or instructed. So, I simply keep that in mind as I share what I know about WordPress with you.

Let me show you how to use WordPress the right way so you get the most out of it and you won’t get frustrated anymore.

I breakdown each step into simple and easy to understand chunks.

When you’re familiar with something and attempting to train, or teach, someone else it’s easy to forget that the¬† person on the receiving end is brand new, and possibly doesn’t even have a very basic baseline of understanding. So it’s extremely important for teachers to keep this in mind. I do.

Training someone on how to configure a WordPress blog, theme, widget, or permalink structure may be second nature to the instructor; but it’s not easy for the beginner who’s never used WordPress. So it’s important to place yourself in the shoes of the newbie. This is what I do in my WordPress video training course.